On this great day we managed to castrate 28 male dogs on Kuta Beach!

We chose a nice shady spot to set up our working station and with the help of many volunteers and our lovely vets, we caught and operated on 28 dogs. Our goal was to do 20 castrations that day, so we are very happy with this result!

Many thanks again to everyone who helped, supported, donated, ... We couldn't have done it without you!

If we want to do an event like this on a regular basis, we will be needing a lot of funds of course. One castration costs us 25 US$, so you can imagine the amount we've spent on the 9th of May!

If you feel, like we do, that this work should definately continue and you would like to contribute, PLEASE FIND THE DONATE BUTTON ON THIS WEBSITE!

Thank you so much!

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