We have an incredible local vet on board: dr. Nurul Azizah. Together with her Assistant Mila Nim, she is the one who helps us with operations, wound care, injections, advice, ... We are so lucky!

The biggest part of our funds go straight towards sterilizations. Stopping the female dogs from getting pregnant is the only way to reduce the population and start solving the dog problem.

When the vet has time aside from her day job as a government veterinarian in Mataram, she comes to Kuta and we go out to catch female dogs for sterilization. She only charges us for medication and materials and we pay her from the KLD funds.

People that have donated for a full operation, receive pictures of the dog they have saved and get to name her.

Living here, we also keep our eyes open at all times when we drive the streets or relax on the beaches.

When we see a dog in need, we take pictures and post them together with his/her story on the Facebook page. This way, we try to get a sponsor for the dog's medication or food so we can get it back to health again. The person sponsoring gets to name the dog.

If no one responds, we use our main funds to help anyway of course! We call the vet, she comes to Kuta to help us and we pay her from our donations.

If you follow our Facebook page you will see it is updated almost daily with pictures and stories!


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