Humane population control

Through a sterilization program we aim to bring the stray dog population down gradually.

We have organized a multiple castration event on May 9th 2015, where we castrated 28 male dogs in one day! We had four local vets doing the surgeries and a number of volunteers helping us with catching the dogs and releasing them again afterwards. It was a great day!

After that day, we kept on doing operations whenever our vet was available to work with us.

In July 2015 we had two British vets volunteering with us for a week. They had been traveling the world for a year volunteering for organizations that do population control, so they had loads of experience and  were so helpful! They taught our vet a really good and safe way to do female operations and that was exactly what we needed! From then on, we only do female sterilizations through KLD. It is simply more effective and now we know the right way to do it!

At the moment, we try to do a steady number of two or three operations every week. Hopefully in time, we will receive more funds and can increase this number!

If you would like to contribute to this, please feel free to DONATE! We can always use more funds or surgical materials. If you would like to donate materials, just contact us and we can tell you exactly what we need most!

People donating for a full operation receive pictures afterwards, are mentioned on the website and Facebook page and can name the dog(s) that they have helped.

All the female dogs that have been sterilized, have a triangular cut in the ear, so they can easily be recognized by us but also by you. So if you see one with a piece of her ear missing, make sure to realize that it's your donating and volunteering that made this possible!



Assistance to dogs in need

Wounded or sick dogs are taken care of by our team. If the dog can be treated on scene, we don't stress it out be moving it, but when we need the facilities of the vet's practice or the dog will need aftercare it is of course a must to sedate it and take it with us.
Again in these cases, it is only for the medication, food and tools that the vets charge us. Aren't they wonderful??

 But please keep in mind that the street dogs will always be street dogs. And we know that it doesn't look nice that some of them are a bit skinny or that they don't have the nice shiny coat that we would love to see on them! But unfortunately, we don't have the means and the funds to feed all the dogs and to make sure all of them are in excellent health. We wish we did...!

So this number is for dogs that have infected wounds, that have broken legs, that have been hit by a car, ... Dogs that suffer from a sickness or an injury that can not heal by itself and therefor need us to intervene and assist them so they can hopefully be let out again afterwards to resume their normal lives.

Many people are touched by the many puppies around this area and very often feel sorry for them when they are sitting somewhere all alone. Please note that in most cases the mother is probably around somewhere looking for food. So we kindly ask you not to use this number to call us whenever you see a puppy sitting on the beach or by the side of the road. Most of them have a family and it is impossible for us to find homes for all of them!

If you are really worried about a puppy that you've seen without its mother and that is too small to survive on its own, just leave it where it is and keep an eye on it for a few days. If there is really nobody feeding it, we can still see what we can do!

Rehoming or fostering

If we should come across a puppy or an adult dog that simply can not survive on its own, we will do our very best to find a home for it, temporary or longterm.
Keeping the culture of the local people in mind, we know it will always be a challenge finding somebody to foster or to adopt here, but that doesn't mean we won't try! We have been succesful with this before, so we know that nothing is impossible!

Are you interested in adopting or fostering or do you know people who might be? Please let us know! We need you!


Street feeding

The first time we decided to feed dogs on the streets, was when we came across a female that was incredibly skinny and weak but had just had six pups! We immediately knew that she wouldn't be able to feed them all and stepped in. 

Since then we have been using this service for puppies that were found in boxes or plastic bags by the side of the road or for dogs that obviously need some extra food. Since we don't have a shelter to take dogs in, we try to help them this way.


Finding sponsors for dogs in need

 When we come across a dog that is in really bad health, we post pictures on the Facebook page in hopes of finding sponsors for the dog so we can help him or her get well.

The boy in the picture for example is Luke. He had many problems when we first met him. His left back leg was broken, his skin was infected badly with scabies and he was super skinny. Yet he was so friendly and loving, incredible! We got him sponsored to get fed regularly, he received scabies medication and was fully vaccinated! Lucky boy!



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